Canna Lily Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Growing Cannas from seed couldn't be easier and is an easy way to bring a tropical feel to any home or garden.

Canna Seeds have extremely tough seed coats meaning if we just place them in the ground they could take years to sprout so we have to trick mother nature by firstly scarifying the seed with either a sharp sterile knife, sand paper or nail clippers making sure to only remove a small portion of the outer coat until you see the white layer beneath.

Now soak your seeds for around 24 - 48 hours in warm water.
Sow the seeds in a good seed medium (50 / 50 cactus compost & perlite mix is good) and place in a warm spot to germinate (heat mat or seed propagator grown under light).

Do not let the potting mix dry out and within a week or two if you have followed the above guide, the seedlings will be up and growing and on their way to providing you with years of enjoyment, colour and beauty.

Remember to transplant the seedlings into larger 4"-6" pots when they have their second set of leaves to continue establishing them before planting out in a sunny location in the garden.
Can also be planted into a larger container or pot for the home or patio.  Most of our cannas started from seed will bloom well within the first growing season.

Planting seedlings outside

Plant your cannas in a nice sunny location preferably in full sun of around 6 - 7 hours of direct sunlight per day is required for optimum growth although we have planted Canna seeds in constant diffused light outside and they have still bloomed within the first year but obviously to flourish it is best to provide more favourable conditions.

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