Adenium Obesum 'Mixed' 15 Seeds

Adenium Obesum \'Mixed\' 15 Seeds

I ordered with some natural skepticism, will they arrive, will they sprout. Well i must say, they arrived, and 14 of 15 seeds germinated, and to be true, I guess I lost one seed planting them. You should put them in a thermos flask with hand warm water for 24H and let them soak, the day after take some upgraded soil, sand, perlite and cactus/succulent mix. Mix it together, water it. Then plant them upright, like little sticks in the ground, with a little part still above ground. They will germinate within a week, then some can take up to 2 weeks. (some are upside down, still they will find the way to the light) Before i forget, use a propagator and keep the soil at 30C and use 5600k light 24H/Day. Next 2 orders are already in place :)

bart g., 07/13/2020
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