Caesalpinia Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Scarify seeds with a file to allow water to enter the seed.
Soak Seeds over night in warm water to increase germination rates.
Plant seeds half inch to quarter inch deep in a well draining potting mix. Perlite can be added to normal seed starting mix to increase drainage if required but a equal mix of cactus compost and perlite is suitable and is our preferred method.
Keep growing medium damp but not wet and place on a heat mat if you have one in bright conditions.

Germination takes between 1 - 2 weeks but can take a little longer. Once the seedlings have their second set of true leaves they can be re-potted.
This is a quick grower that loves full sun to partial shade but blooms best in full and intense sunlight and can flower for most of the year.
Plant can be pruned as desired to bush form or tree form and is very versatile in most landscape settings but is also highly suited to container growing on balconies, in conservatories or in well lit rooms that get plenty of sunlight.
Plant will die back to ground level in colder climates so protect well over the winter periods or just grow in containers so it can be over wintered much easier.

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