Gloriosa Lily Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Gloriosa Lily seeds are incredibly good fun to grow and better yet they are easy to grow making this beautiful tropical accessible to everyone everywhere. Follow this simple guide to see optimum results from our seeds.

Prepare a pot of peat moss in which to germinate your Gloriosa lily seeds.

Soak the seeds in tepid to warm water overnight and then plant them in the pot at a depth of no more than 1 inch. Do this in mid-winter if sowing outdoors to allow the seeds time to germinate before being transplanted in the spring.

If growing indoors they can be started at anytime. We start ALL our seeds indoors all year long with very high germination rates.

Water the seeds to moisten the soil. Watering should be continued as needed to maintain moderately moist soil at all times to encourage germination.

Cover the pot containing the seeds with plastic wrap to lock in heat and moisture. Keep the pot indoors near a window to provide the germinating seeds with a heat source and UV light once they begin to sprout.

Fertilise the Gloriosa Lily seeds twice a month with an inexpensive all purpose fertilizer. Within 3 months the seeds will develop into young gloriosa plants. These plants can then be transplanted outdoors in the spring. Tubers may take up to three growing seasons to develop but can then be reused every year.

Bugs like to eat these plants so we recommend growing in a large pot with a trellis attached so it can be elevated or moved from problem areas.

Does not like frost or too much cold.

One bit of advice is the tendrils of the vine seem to prefer to cling to structures / trellises with diameters that they cling to being no bigger than a pencil. This also seems to make them more sturdy in our experience. We add cheap green garden wire to our structures (in between the square trellis holes) to help achieve this.Very easy to do and provides a better looking and more stable plant.

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