Pampas Grass Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Pampas grass, like most ornamental grasses, is almost completely trouble free once established. There's never much of  a need to spray for insects or any other bothersome garden pest as they don't tend to bother Pampas grass.

Pampas grass is very easy to grow from seed by sticking to a few simple guidelines:

Seed Depth: These are small seeds which should be mixed with fine sand to enable an even and consistent sowing.

Try not to cover the seeds with compost instead just press the seeds very gently into the growing media.

Growing media should contain organic material and still have reasonably good drainage.

Average Germination Time is normally 1 to 2 weeks although they can sprout earlier or later depending on the conditions.

Seeds require sunlight to germinate but artificial lights and other growing aides can be used.

Try to keep seeds moist (but not wet) until germination occurs with the use of a mist spray bottle.

For best results particularly in cooler climates we recommend starting your seeds in a propagator or green house. They can also be started on a sunny window sill and just as long as the frost cant get to them then they will be just fine.

Once established they look after themselves and do make one of the very best ornamentals there is.

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