Brugmansia Datura Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Growing Angels Trumpet Seeds & Datura Seeds

Starting Seeds indoors

Soak seeds in warm water overnight to rehydrate the seed before potting the seeds you can scrape away a little of the seed casing to increase germination levels and timings although this is something that does not need to be done. Please take care not to damage the seed embryo.

Fill a seed tray with a potting mix remembering that these plants love rich soil, something that will remain moist but NOT clumpy or water logged as heat and humidity is what these seeds need.

Make small holes in your potting mix & sow your seeds one seed per hole and cover with a thin layer of potting mix and gently water in.

Place on warm surface (Heat Mat / Propagator / Seed Starter) at around 70 – 80 degrees

Brugmansia can be a little slow to germinate and start.... anywhere from 21 Days – 6 Weeks. However once they start, they rapidly grow. They normally germinate without any problems.
Sometimes a little patience is required.

Starting Seeds Outdoors

After the last frosts of the year around spring time you can sow your seeds directly into the ground or into garden pots and let nature do the rest.

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