Tacca Bat Plant Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Grow your own Bat Plant from seed.

Soak seeds for 24 hours in warm water then sow using a standard good seed starting mix (e.g. - 50/50 Peat & Perlite medium or 50/50 Cactus Compost & Perlite medium)in a propagator or other warm place to maintain optimum temperature of 78-85F. Only cover the seeds with your growing medium VERY slightly around 1/8th of an inch or not at all as they can be loosely sown in the top layer of the potting mix.

Place in warm and moist conditions in bright light but not in direct sunlight and mist the potting mix every couple of days without allowing the mixture to become to wet.

Germination normally takes 8-12 weeks although we planted 10 seeds and had 3 sprout after only 5 weeks so it does vary.

Your Bat Plant Seedlings can be pricked out into individual small pot's after the first leaf is well-developed.

Seedlings can benefit from frequent very dilute applications of fertilizer and if planting outdoors (sunny /warm zones only) the plants thrive in 65%-80% shade and will need protecting from wind.

Once your plant as established 3 to 4 full size leaves the beautiful flowers will soon follow as given optimum and steady humid conditions these plants can flower within 10 - 12 months so are well worth the effort.

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