Bird of Paradise Strelitzia Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Before sowing your Strelitzia seeds remember to remove the bright tuft of hairs attached to the seed shell. No scarification is required

Now soak seeds for several hours in warm water to properly re-hydrate the seed.

Sow in seed trays filled with a well-drained soil medium of a 50/50 mix of either sand & seed starting compost or cactus compost & perlite at a depth of 3/4 inch to 1 inch.

Maintain a constant temperature of around 25°C  as very low temperatures or greatly fluctuating temperatures can ruin germination.
Germination takes on average four to eight weeks although they can germinate much sooner or take longer depending on the conditions.

Make sure your seedlings are of a good size before being transplanted. A good measure for this is when they have their second set of true leaves they can be moved into a well drained medium of loamy growing medium sand mix or something similar.

In warmer frost free climates Strelitzia plants can be planted outside were your young plants must first be established and grown under some shade.

In colder climates where frost is a problem they are suited to life in containers and pots which is where we grow ours and they readily flourish. Regular re-potting will allow the young Strelitzia to develop a strong root system and increase growth rapidly. Once your plant out grows it's pot it is important to transplant into a larger pot as restricting the root system will affect the overall growth of your plant.

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