Bomarea Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Growing Bomarea from seed is not difficult as they have simple needs but a little preparation before the initial planting of the seed is sometimes recommended to yield the best results although the preparation is normally only needed for seeds that have been stored for longer periods. We have included both examples below in this easy to follow Bomarea growing guide.

To propagate seeds successfully it is best to sow them in a well draining soil (50/50 mix of cactus compost & perlite will be fine) as soon as they are ripe or as fresh as possible in a propagator or warm greenhouse with temperature regulated at around 20 - 25 degrees Celsius.
Planted this way the seeds can germinate in as little as 2 weeks but they can be a little erratic so don't be despondent if they don't all sprout at the same time as some can take longer.

If you are planting stored seeds then stratify for around 3 weeks at 20 degrees Celsius then 3 weeks at 5 degrees Celsius as this will trick the seed into thinking that winter has passed and it is time to start growing. Seeds that go through stratification may take up to 2 months to germinate.
Mostly our seeds will be very fresh so this section can be skipped but the seeds will benefit from a pre-soaking for 2 - 4 hours before planting in either case.

Keep growing medium moist but not wet or soggy and do not let the growing medium dry out.

Once your seedling has several true leaves and are big enough to handle you should carefully prick out your new plants and place them into individual pots. Once they mature over the next few months you can then pot them on again into a large planter or container or even into your garden soil in warmer and milder climates.

To see Bomarea at their best they need a warm position with lots of sunlight (although can be grown under artificial lights). They are quite tough and the plants can survive milder areas if grown outside with roots that will survive to around 0 degrees Celsius if a thick layer of mulch is provided but the plant may die back in prolonged cold periods but will recover by spring time when new growth emerges.

Keep plants well watered in the summer months and when winter sets in you should only provide a bare minimum amount of water and the plant should be kept almost dry.

There are other methods of germinating this species of seed on the internet but this method has worked for us and should hopefully work for you as well.

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