Jade Vine Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Strongylodon Macrobtrys - Jade Vine Germination

Plant is not cold or frost hardy and needs humidity to thrive and be seen at its best so a well lit and heated greenhouse or conservatory will be ideally needed but in colder climates we recommend growing in a large pot or container so it can be moved if cold spells are forecasted. Can be started indoors without any problems though.

Keep above 10 degrees minimum, above this temperature then it should be fine but may slow growth the closer to this it gets. Thrives at up to 60 F and with high humidity but can be grown steadily at much lower temperatures and humidity levels. Common sense is needed at judging how your plant looks and what you can do to help it along. Remember that the Jade Vine loves full sun to partial shade.

Jade vine seeds don't really require any pre-treatment but we recommend scarifying the seed coat SLIGHTLY, NOT too much! Some fine sand paper should do the trick and please take care not to damage the embryo as this will instantly kill your very rare seed. If in doubt then do not scarify.

You can also choose to soak the seeds for 2 to 4 hours in warm sterile water before sowing if you wish also but again this is down to preference. (We soak ours).
Whilst your seeds are soaking you can use this time to prepare your growing medium in a seed starting tray that can be placed in a heated propagator that has a clear lid or even on a heat mat / warming cables as heat is required at around 25 - 30 degrees to achieve germination.

Another method we have seen online is to use a heat mat, seed starting tray and a clear plastic bag that can be sealed.  You are basically trying to achieve humidity which will encourage seed germination so any method similar to these may be adopted.

Water the growing medium thoroughly and leave to stand for 45 minutes to 1 hour to allow proper drainage to occur.

Sow your Jade vine seed at 1/4 to a 1/3 of an inch deep in the well draining potting mix of 50 /50 fibrous plant material (tree fern) & one of, or a combination of these - perlite / vermiculite / fine grit.

The growing medium needs to be moist but not wet to avoid the seeds from rotting off.

Part of the seed may be visible, very slightly protruding above the soil surface but this is normal and you are doing it correctly but make sure too much is not exposed (very slightly visible and slightly covered)!

Please make sure you check on the seed and growing medium as you do not want to allow the growing medium to become too dry so are application or misting may be required at some point.

If all is done correctly then you should see your seedling begin to emerge within 1 - 2 weeks although it can take up to 3 weeks in some instances.

Important: Keep the growing medium at a steady moist level. Do not over water your jade vine seed or it will kill your plant. Just slightly damp to moist.

Once your young jade vine seedling produces several sets of True leaves and looks more robust it can be transplanted into a 3 - 6 inch plant pot (depending on size - you will have to judge this for yourself) of a very well draining humus rich soil with a small amount of 'low & equal parts fertiliser'.

Please remember that this is a vine and thus requires a structure to cling to.

Seedlings will remain in these pots until they are totally pot bound upon which time they can be placed in a large container or in warmer climates into the ground where they can live out their days providing glorious blooms.

If this sounds like too much hard work then why not buy one of our very rare Jade Vine Plants. Visit our Tropical Plants section to find out more.

Happy Growing

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