Clivia Seed Germination & Growing Guide

Clivia are a wonderful plant to grow producing amazing floral displays and just as beautiful foliage. They are not difficult to grow and make fantastic and easy to manage houseplants.

Here's how to grow them for yourself.

We prefer to start out by soaking our Clivia seeds overnight in clean tap water or distilled water.

Sticking to the following should help achieve great results with our seeds:
An optimum temperature of about 23°C to 25°C (ca. 73°F to 77°F).
A relatively high humidity. (60 - 70 %).
Sterile conditions.

Some people choose to sterilize the cleaned and soaked seeds in a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide or dilute hypochlorite bleach although we have had success without using this method with easeso you have a choice if you do not have access to these items.
Place the seeds on the surface of a soilless growing media of moistened Perlite, or Vermiculite, or as some prefer a mixture of the two.

Use a pot of sufficient size to hold the seeds (a seed tray may be used if you are planting several at once. Be sure the pot has sufficient drainage holes in the bottom to allow excess water to escape.
Cover the top of the pot with a clear plastic bag to hold moisture in and to exclude any chance of fungus mould and bacterial spores from attacking the seed. Seed trays placed in a propagator will also be suitable.
Stand the pot in a tray or saucer so that it can be watered from below.
Place it in a brightly lighted spot but out of any direct sunlight. This spot should be warm. Grow lights can be used but we recommend the seeds are not placed directly under the lights but in a slightly shaded are where it is light but not under constant glare from the lights.
When the seeds have all germinated and grown their first set of true leaves (or even one true leaf), they can be transplanted into a well-drained soilless potting mix and continue to be grown in indirect sunlight or even under fluorescent lights.
Once your new plant has reached this stage you can begin to introduce a feeding regime. We use an equal parts soluble fertiliser, something like 15-15-15 or 20-20-20 with a good balance of trace elements.

Clivia seeds can germinate within a few weeks but are also known to be a little erratic at times with some seeds planted at the same time as others taking over 3 months to come up but germination is normally high as a rule.

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