How to Bonsai Adenium

If you are interested in Bonsai, Adenium or better yet BOTH and you have wanted to try your hand at creating a beautiful Bonsai out of intrigue, interest for the subject, a new hobby or just a relaxing past time that you fancy having a go at then this information should help get you started. I have used this method myself  and I assure you it is very enjoyable and somewhat rewarding.

Creating Bonsai obviously takes some time, many bonsai masters in the far east are never satisfied with their bonsai despite them training their plants for many years and even with them looking fantastic.
I believe this demonstrates the passion involved in creating a living master piece. Training a plant to grow how YOU decide is an achievable process and you can have fun doing so.

Here is how you start...

The choice of seed or seedling you choose is key as each variety offers individual characteristics. Any Adenium seed can be used for creating bonsai so the solution is simple that is to start with a 1 to 2 month old seedling that is stronger or defined in some way from the rest of your seedlings.

The common method at this stage is to take your seedling and carefully cut the tap root off using a very sharp knife that has been sterilised (soaked in boiling water would work) and then plant the seedling in moist sandy potting media or similar medium until new roots grow from the cut edges which given the seedlings age should happen within a week or two.

Secondary roots will grow from the cut edges. A method used extensively in the far east is to now position a small flat steralised stone (maybe twice as big as the base of your seedling) directly under the seedling, this in turn will force the secondary roots to grow horizontally around the stone and by doing so creating the foundations of your Adenium Bonsai root system, very simple but very effective. Because there is no longer any tap root the subsequent re-potting of your Adenium can be into wider and shallower pots.

We will be adding the next part of the Bonsai process very soon


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