Epiphyllum Seeds

Epiphyllum is from the Cactaceae family and is more commonly known as Epicactus, Epiphytic cactus or Orchid cactus, which refers to the many hybrids of Epiphyllum that are available. Epicactus plants have been very popular for well over 100 years mainly due to the ease of growing them in the home or garden coupled with their flower size with most being the size of dinner plates and the average of 8 - 16 cm diameter is the norm.

Orchid Cactus are relatively easy to grow from seed and with flowers of this size and made up of all the colours of the rainbow we are sure they will be popular for another 100 years....and then some!

Hybridizers of Epiphyllum the world over & particularly those throughout Europe and America, have sought repeatedly to produce new and exotic Hybrids, resulting in numerous cultivars of almost every colour and size imaginable.

It is from these same expert growers that these seeds are sourced making this a great way for collectors to boost their collection whilst making an interesting and worthwhile hobby for the beginner and everyone in between.

All of these Epiphyllum Seeds come from very reputable collections, have been quality checked by an expert grower and been named and packaged with the utmost professionalism to make sure the seeds you receive are of the best quality guaranteed.

*It is extremely rare to find Orchid Cactus seeds of this quality for sale & packaged in retail quantities as harvesting these seeds is very tricky business and thus packaged this way at affordable prices makes these exclusive to Adeniumstore*

*The Adeniumstore team wish to thank Eddie, Andre Abrahami, Plumeriamom2, JJ Harrison, Ulf Eliasson, Svante Lundqvist, Helmut Oetken & Alfred Lau for the use of their beautiful pictures*