Grafting Adenium

Flat Grafting Adeniums

This is a method we have used ourselves in the past with great success and it is most probably the easiest way to graft your Adenium. Once the graft is in place it takes around 3 weeks for the graft to fully unite.

To perform a successful graft you need the following items:

Adenium Obesum root stock

Scion (shoot from the Adenium you intend to graft)

Sharp knife or blade

Small plastic bag

Plastic Twine

Here is what you need to do.

Before getting started, sterilise a sharp knife blade by letting the blade sit in alcohol for a few minutes alternatively you can soak a knife in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then being extremely careful to make sure you don't bruise the tissue of the plant, make a clean slice across the Adenium root stock (the bottom part of a graft that has the roots)

Take a scion (the plant shoot taken from a desirable species) from another plant and slice a flat piece off of the bottom of the scion. Make every attempt to keep your fingers off of the newly exposed plant tissue.

Place the scion firmly onto the center of the stock with both freshly cut places together. Take the plastic twine and wrap it around the stock part a few times to safely secure the graft in place. It is best to start at the stock and wind up with the tape onto the scion and then back to the root stock.

Take the plastic bag and cover the scion and most of the stock. Secure the bag around the entire graft.The idea here is to keep some humidity circulating around the graft to promote permanent attachment.

So if you plant some of our seeds and get a completely new variety of Adenium flower, there is a genuine possibility that it maybe the only one of it's kind in the world. If this is the case (not only are you very fortunate) you now know how to clone it so you can have 2 ultra rare Adeniums.  :- )

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