Grow Plumeria From Seed

How to Grow Plumeria Plants from Seed

Plumeria seed germination can be very satisfying and Plumeria are grown easily from seed, but the seedlings may not always remain true to their parent plant. Some will be almost the same, some will retain the parent plants characteristics and others may grow to become a completely new hybrid which is of course how new Plumeria Plants are discovered.

Soak seeds for between 8  - 24 hours. *We often soak ours before bed and then plant them the following morning*

Your Plumeria seeds should be planted in a 3-4 inch tray with bottom heat (propagator or heat mat is ideal).

Plant the Plumeria Seeds in a combined mix of cactus compost (40%) and perlite (60%) growing medium.

The Plumeria Seeds should be inserted into the growing medium fat end first so the seeds are about ¼ inch deep with the feather end sticking up from the medium.

Firm around your seeds and then water them in gently and you should start to see your sprouting Plumeria begin to show within 7 - 30 days in fact in some case they may sprout even earlier than anticipated.

When your young Plumeria Seedlings have grown at least two true leaves, transplant them to small pots. They will begin to grow quickly and will bloom in about 2 - 3 years all the while providing beautiful & lush green foliage which is wonderful on its own.

Whatever you do DO NOT OVER WATER your Plumeria Plants or Seeds.

Re-pot your Plant when it outgrows the one that it's in.

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