AdeniumStore Plumeria Fertilizer 11-11-11 + Seaweed (500ml)


Value for Money Plumeria Fertilizer..
This is probably the best and most well rounded fertilizer we have ever used for our Plumeria plants as well as Tropical plants, but mixed at half strength is also perfect for Adenium Plants and really does promote strong growth both above and below the soil line.

Why is this so good for Plumeria?
It has even amounts of N-P-K at a ratio of 11-11-11 with added seaweed extract that provides all the essential minerals and growth stimulants that the plant needs to truly flourish particularly when grown in pots where it is upto the grower to provide everything that the plants need throughout the growing season.

How to Mix.
Supplied in 500ml bottles so will last you all year when mixed at the recommended dilution rate of 20ml per gallon of water.
*Half to a Quarter Strength for Adenium Plants.

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