Nerium Oleander


Nerium Oleander are mostly very fragrant semi-hardy plants and very close relative of both Adenium and Plumeria having the same qualities and characteristics including wonderful looking semi-evergreen foliage, massive clusters of large tropical flowers that last for most of the year, a reliable growing nature, easy to germinate and are even easier to care for with some even tolerating heavy frost and icey conditions.

In the wild these evergreen shrubs with their beautiful deep green to silver-green foliage can reach heights of around 2m but seldom reach more than 0.5m if grown in containers or pots which is why they are perfect for the home, conservatory and garden.

If you have grown Plumeria or Adenium then you can easily grow and care for Nerium Oleander which are equally as fun to grow.

Oleander are safe to grow but just like so many common everyday plants including the humble Daffodil's, Rhododendrum's, Wisteria's, Foxgloves's, Anthurium's and many more popular home and garden plants they are poisonous if ingested in large enough quantities so just enjoy the plant the way nature intended by admiring it's beautiful floral displays.