Phytosanitary Permit

NEW - LIMITED OFFER - For any orders to the EU over £115 we will cover the cost of the Phytosanitary Certificate for you. (A saving of £16.25). **EXCLUDES BULK AND WHOLESALE ITEMS!!

Worldwide - Most countries we ship to outside of the EU 'DO NOT' need a certificate and we make sure we are compliant with your countries regulations.

EU - Your import authority may require a Phytosanitary Certificate for seeds from outside the EU, including the UK. *Certificates can if needed, be used for any country.

Presently, we only supply certificates for Plumeria and /or Adenium seed orders. If you order additional varieties than those mentioned above then your authority may confiscate them.

We of course cannot force you to buy a Phytosanitary Certificate and will send the seeds you ordered securely and with a commercial invoice just as we do to all the other countries on Earth. If in doubt, it is important that you check with your import Authority or contact us for more details as we can not be held accountable for any orders that we send without a certificate if one is needed.