Plant Envy

Welcome to Plant Envy

We specialise in Strange Wonderful Plants and make it possible for anyone to grow one with ease. Just add water and watch the stunning plants grow.

If like us you’re bored of the normal ‘Grow Your Own Bonsai’ in a box which everyone knows is just tree seeds that in our research never grow, then you have come to the right place.

Our unique seed growing method allows everyone, and we do mean everyone, the opportunity to grow the most mindbogglingly beautiful and strange plants that will without doubt be the talking point of any room.

Our growing method, 18 months in development, is cleverly thought out and allows you to create the ideal tiny environment to assist growing your seeds successfully. Putting even the most challenging of tropical plant seeds within reach of everyone.

They are a lot of fun to grow, great to look at and can be grown anywhere from windowsills, coffee tables, greenhouse, conservatory, kitchen or even on your desk at work and seemingly do very well next to a laptop, TV or office computer.

We all know someone who can kill any plant so there is no better time than now to get the perfect gift for them as our Plant Envy bundles grow and look after themselves. The trick to having a strong plant is having seeds that do not fail in the soil and grow to become strong seedlings which is exactly what our system provides.
Take a look.