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Based in the UK & supplying Plumeria Seeds, Plumeria Plants, Adenium Seeds, Rare Adenium Seeds Adenium Plants is what we do best but we are interested in many plant varieties from all over the world and have a large selection of Tropical seeds & plants for you to choose from including Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus which are fun and easy to grow, the banana family favorite Heliconia Seeds, the giant flower producing Brugmansia Seeds, the symbolic Strelitzia Bird of Paradise seeds, the very versatile Canna Lily Seeds, and the very unusual Tacca Bat Plant Seeds.
Some of the seed varieties that we also have in stock are very rare including Strongylodon Jade Vine and Epiphyllum Kiwi hybrid plants and not forgetting the climbing plant Fiesta Bomarea...we have them all with many more being added all the time.

It is important for us to point out that we only supply genuine, fresh & viable seeds and plants from very trusted suppliers and we do not sell any of our products on any other websites so if they are not bought from the Adenium Store website then they are not from us. This allows all our customers the ability to buy our seeds & plants with confidence and provides peace of mind knowing that we maintain a very high level of quality, customer service and control that every customer of Adeniumstore deserves and that we continue to deliver as standard.

All of the seeds that we sell come from a small handful of the world's most renowned  growers  and  producers  of  Adenium  Seeds, Plumeria Seeds, & Tropical Seeds.  Some of these growers  specialize  in  producing  exciting and  unique  named varieties  of  Adenium Obesum by  implementing careful cross hand pollination and breeding techniques  resulting  in  a  much  more  stable and viable seed - the results of which can  clearly  be  seen throughout  this  site  with some of the most amazing colours and wonderful flowers imaginable  and remember  that  the  picture  you see is the mother plant your seeds came from.    

We pride ourselves on being competitively priced so we buy our products direct from the farmers, growers & producers of all of our products, cutting out the middleman and keeping our costs down which is clearly reflected in our prices. We add to this further by offering additional benefits, bonuses and discount codes to customers who sign up to our site which, of course, is FREE and enables you to receive our newsletter which offers information and provides details of new products, promotions and upcoming sales, we only send the newsletter out when we have something important going on. Whether you sign up to the site or not, if it is seeds & plants that you are interested in then you can still benefit from free delivery on all seed & most plant orders worldwide.

Throughout the site you will find lots of resources and information on How to grow Adenium from Seed, instructions on How to care for Adeniums including Pruning Adeniums. For the more adventurous there is even a guide on How to graft Adeniums yourself. 
Our website is ever changing with new and rare seeds and plants being added to the site on a very regular basis. There will be many changes to the website where we will add the latest Adenium Arabicum Seeds which all come from champion specimen plants, Adenium Obesum Seeds, Adenium plants, Thai Socotranum Seeds and tropical Plumeria Seeds to offer all of our customers the best selection of products from around the world.
Plumeria (or Frangipani (as they are also known)) are a very close relative of Adenium making it a natural step for us to include a large  range of Tropical Plumeria Seeds on our website. Again, there are full instructions and a Plumeria growing guide clearly documented on our site which will list everything you need to know about growing Plumeria from seed, Plumeria seed germination, information on grafting Plumeria, details on Plumeria Fragrances and, of course how to care for you Plumeria Plants.
ALL of the Plumeria Seeds that we supply come from a handful of trusted suppliers that we have used in the past so we know that the product is the best available with high germination rates everytime.
Our Frangipani seeds are 100% genuine and they all come from the mother plant pictured just as with our Adenium seeds.


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