Puya Bromeliad Seeds

Puya are native to South America and are terrestrial members of the Pineapple family Bromeliaceae. They produce floral displays that will stop you in your tracks and are very majestic plants with their beautiful rosette forming foliage of silvery green and very ornate flowers with literally hundreds of waxy 6 to 8 cm flowers each time it blooms.

These seeds come from one collector in South America and as such we know the botanical origin of each variety meaning as with all of the seed varieties that we sell you will receive the specific species you are after that as been carefully harvested and of course carefully pollinated which improves consistency with colour and growth form when grown from seed.

All our Puya are perfect for growing in containers and large plant pots indoors or out, some can be planted out in the garden but one thing they have in common above all else is some of the most amazing floral displays you are likely to ever see.

Amazing plants that are easy to grow and require minimum care.

Learn How To Grow Puya Bromeliad From Seed in our seed germination section

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