Brugmansia Seeds

Brugmansia and Datura are from the Solanaceae family collectively known as Nightshades but more commonly known as 'Angels Trumpet' or 'Devils Trumpet'.

Marvelously Fragrant and completely exotic in both their colour and size yet they are VERY easy to grow sun loving tropical's that can easily be grown from seed. Datura's Flower profusely within a few months from being planted - Angels Trumpet's can take longer but well worth the wait.

In the wild Brugmansia can grow large but grown in containers will remain rather compact at around 1 - 3 feet high and 2 - 3 feet wide whilst still providing hundreds of Very Large 6 - 10 inch flowers. Ideal for Home, Conservatory or Garden. *Like Adeniums, Daffodils & other well known plants Brugmansia plants & seeds are poisonous if ingested*

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