Epiphyllum Plant Care

This will encourage your Orchid Cactus plants to grow and remain healthy.

Watering & General Care
In warmer months and warmer climates your Epiphyllum will require watering once a week and it is vital to use a well draining potting mix (perlite, coarse sand, potting soil is a good combination) so that the growing medium does not become too water logged as this will cause problems like rot and disease.

In colder months and colder climates it is best to allow the potting mix to become dry before watering, your plant won’t mind this in the slightest as they are pretty tough and low maintenance.
Epiphyllum do not like cold temperatures so it is best to place them on a reasonably sunny windowsill, not too sunny as to scorch your plant.

Feeding your Epiphyllum plant couldn’t be easier. In February* you can prepare your plant for the growing season with the introduction of a low nitrogen fertiliser which should be fed once in that month.
In March and right through the growing season to October you can feed a more balanced fertiliser with a nitrogen percentage of between 5% – 10%.
In November you can once more use a low nitrogen fertiliser* to prepare your plant for dormancy.
Do not feed any fertilisers during December & January.

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