Seed Germination

We don't just want to supply you with seeds, we want you to enjoy the fantastic plants that every seed can grow into.

We have provided you with these useful and easy to follow growing & germination guides that cover all our seed varieties and are free to use for all our customers.

You will be pleased to know we are also saving paper and rather than us endlessly print out and post these guides this area is a free customer resource for you to refer to when needed but please feel free to click the email link on your seed germination page to send yourself a copy or save it to your bookmarks, share it in an email or one of the many other new sharing options we have included in the website including social media. Its better than printing and its good for the planet.

There are many different ways to germinate these seeds but these are methods that work for us.

Remember that above everything else the key to successful seed germination is obtaining fresh seeds.

*These growing guides are for customer use only and may not be distributed, published other than for personal use without our prior permission and consent.

All rights reserved

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