Plumeria Rubra 'Dwarf White' 6 Seeds

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Excellent, 100% germination rate. I ordered 3 packs of 6 just in case not all of them germinate and to have a variety to choose from, as obviously growing from seed doesn't guarantee the plants will be true to type. Not only I got some extra seeds, but all 22 germinated within 7-10 days. As expected, the seedlings do vary in size and leaf shape quite a lot, for example almost 1 month after sowing, some are 12 cm tall, while some others are only 6 cm; some have round, oval shape leaves, while others have long and narrow ones. Of course this is not exactly an indication of what the leaves will look like when the plants are older, but it is absolutely fascinating to watch them grow and develop. Personally I find growing plumerias from seed very satisfying and I would recommend it to anyone who likes tropical plants.

Piotr K., 06/14/2021
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